Amaluna – Cirque du Soleil ★★★★

Amaluna is a poor adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, with a foolish narrative but who cares? There is a reason why Cirque Du Soleil is systematically fully booked, and it’s for the unique spectacle. Cirque du Soleil is a 20-year-old internationally known Canadian institution and a worldwide theatrical production. The Royal Albert Hall is the right place for Amaluna. Its ceiling is as high as … Continue reading Amaluna – Cirque du Soleil ★★★★

Feminism and media at TATE ★★

Tate Modern fails to move its public into the feminist movement, and gives the impression it was just a room to fill. When you walk into Feminism and media at the Tate Modern you see art showing only women in a very small room. The lack of harmony between the different artwork, and the confined space make it too oppressing. Heading up the legendary escalators to … Continue reading Feminism and media at TATE ★★

ZUMA ★★★★

Asian culture and secret deserts mixed with fashion and design Stepping into Zuma on a Saturday night is like entering a new trendy world, a place where Carrie Bradshaw would crave for a ‘table for four’. Electronic music – maybe too loud – softened lighting, tuxedos and high-heeled models; yes, Zuma remains the emblematic must-go restaurant in Knightsbridge that consistently insures a unique experience – … Continue reading ZUMA ★★★★

The Deutsche Börse Photography Prize, 2017 ★★★★

Notions of time and death are celebrated this year through traditional and experimental photography In its 20th year, the Deutsche Börse Photography prize shortlisted four great artists, but Sophie Calle – France’s most famous conceptual artist – and Dana Lixenberg definitely steal the show. Calle’s eccentric style never disappoints. Over the last 30 years, the artist has invited strangers to sleep in her bed, hired … Continue reading The Deutsche Börse Photography Prize, 2017 ★★★★