Robots’ representation in pop culture

Movie robots are very often the evil characters of a dystopian future, but what about the good, helpful robots? As a new show about the evolution of robots opens at the Science Museum, it’s time to be realistic about the positive ways robots will contribute to our future. The exhibition at the Science Museum in London, entitled Robots, proposes to the public a collection of … Continue reading Robots’ representation in pop culture

Why do more and more people go vegan?

With less than one per cent of the population in the UK declaring being vegan, the question is: why did it become so trendy these past few years and how healthy is it? In 10 years, veganism has become such a phenomenal movement as it evolved into a trendy and ‘clean eating’ lifestyle, even supported by celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen DeGeneres. Veganism … Continue reading Why do more and more people go vegan?

High or Bye Mary Jane?

Adopted, used and venerated, weed is everywhere. The British debt doesn’t stop increasing, especially since Brexit. The government is then seriously considering legalising the drug to boost the British economy. But is this the best solution? Once, a ‘stoner’ was described as a loser with greasy hair, lack of style and with only a plate of leftovers for company. But pop culture changed this image … Continue reading High or Bye Mary Jane?