Estrella Sendra Fernandez talks documentary filmmaking

Estrella Sendra Fernandez, a multilingual passionate about Senegal, is a teacher, media researcher, journalist and documentary filmmaker. Currently directing the Cambridge African film festival, she was already awarded the National Charlemagne Youth Prized for Spain in 2012. We are sitting in an Italian coffee shop in Notting Hill, near her part-time job as a Media teacher at David Game College, discussing her education and its … Continue reading Estrella Sendra Fernandez talks documentary filmmaking

David Knight talks Fine Arts, Design, and Virtual Reality

It always seems impossible, until it’s done. This phrase is on David Knight’s website, exposed in his studio and would clearly be his slogan if he were running for President. At the heart of Shoreditch on a February afternoon a man with an adolescent style – wearing jeans, black sneakers and a kaki coat – smokes a cigarette in front of the Blues Kitchen. His … Continue reading David Knight talks Fine Arts, Design, and Virtual Reality

Robots’ representation in pop culture

Movie robots are very often the evil characters of a dystopian future, but what about the good, helpful robots? As a new show about the evolution of robots opens at the Science Museum, it’s time to be realistic about the positive ways robots will contribute to our future. The exhibition at the Science Museum in London, entitled Robots, proposes to the public a collection of … Continue reading Robots’ representation in pop culture

Amaluna – Cirque du Soleil ★★★★

Amaluna is a poor adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, with a foolish narrative but who cares? There is a reason why Cirque Du Soleil is systematically fully booked, and it’s for the unique spectacle. Cirque du Soleil is a 20-year-old internationally known Canadian institution and a worldwide theatrical production. The Royal Albert Hall is the right place for Amaluna. Its ceiling is as high as … Continue reading Amaluna – Cirque du Soleil ★★★★

Happy Birthday Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is celebrating its 25th anniversary next month. It’s the most visited destination in Europe, attracting 14.8 million tourists in 2015. That popularity is in spite of the fact that Disney movies can be very politically incorrect and spread messages clashing with the 21st century’s cultural vision of the world. Women nowadays pursue a real independence whereas Disney movies definitely don’t convey this idea. Snow … Continue reading Happy Birthday Disneyland Paris

Why do more and more people go vegan?

With less than one per cent of the population in the UK declaring being vegan, the question is: why did it become so trendy these past few years and how healthy is it? In 10 years, veganism has become such a phenomenal movement as it evolved into a trendy and ‘clean eating’ lifestyle, even supported by celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen DeGeneres. Veganism … Continue reading Why do more and more people go vegan?

Feminism and media at TATE ★★

Tate Modern fails to move its public into the feminist movement, and gives the impression it was just a room to fill. When you walk into Feminism and media at the Tate Modern you see art showing only women in a very small room. The lack of harmony between the different artwork, and the confined space make it too oppressing. Heading up the legendary escalators to … Continue reading Feminism and media at TATE ★★

ZUMA ★★★★

Asian culture and secret deserts mixed with fashion and design Stepping into Zuma on a Saturday night is like entering a new trendy world, a place where Carrie Bradshaw would crave for a ‘table for four’. Electronic music – maybe too loud – softened lighting, tuxedos and high-heeled models; yes, Zuma remains the emblematic must-go restaurant in Knightsbridge that consistently insures a unique experience – … Continue reading ZUMA ★★★★

The Deutsche Börse Photography Prize, 2017 ★★★★

Notions of time and death are celebrated this year through traditional and experimental photography In its 20th year, the Deutsche Börse Photography prize shortlisted four great artists, but Sophie Calle – France’s most famous conceptual artist – and Dana Lixenberg definitely steal the show. Calle’s eccentric style never disappoints. Over the last 30 years, the artist has invited strangers to sleep in her bed, hired … Continue reading The Deutsche Börse Photography Prize, 2017 ★★★★