Street Art in Shoreditch

Shoreditch in London is one of the most inspiring areas when talking about street art; it is of course a trendy neighbourhood, but especially a hip part of London, where you just go to be amazed and surprised by the infinite numbers of street art graffitis, murals and even stickers. From Liverpool Street, passing by Brick Lane, and ending up in Old Street, the artistic and funky area is full of surprises.

While before, street art was illegal and artists had to hide to actually perform, nowadays people are more and more fascinated by this form of art, accessible by everyone.
Following the London’s first international open-invitation street-art competition, called “Behind the Curtain” I have contacted one street artist (Nick Flatt) who was part of it, asking him about his experience but also about his general views over street art. Moreover, I have also contacted a guide at the Shoreditch Street Art Tour, who explains how he interprets the changing evolution of street art of these past few years.

Thank you to Nick Flatt and David Stuart.


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